help with settig Flypi up


I want to use Flypi GUI to control my pi camera to make videos of Drosophila larvae while pupariating.
So, I won't use LEDs (now, but may be in the future to make optogenetics), peltier module, etc. Neither I have an arduino board. I considered that your GUI would make it easier to make movies.

I have disabled all of them in
It looks like this:
cameraFlag = 1
ringFlag = 0
led1Flag = 0
led2Flag = 0
matrixFlag = 0

peltierFlag = 0
autofocusFlag = 0

mockupFlag = 0
protocolFlag = 1
quitFlag = 1

when I want to run the GUI (sudo python3 I receive this message:

pi@raspberrypi:~/Desktop/Flypi-master/Python $ sudo python3
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in
File "/home/pi/Desktop/Flypi-master/Python/", line 112, in init
self.ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 115200)

Being honest, I don't know what it means. Can this be the consequence of using your software without connecting an arduio board?
Thanks for your help!


  • Dear Andres,
    Welcome to the Forum!

    I think you are correct, this is most likely related to the fact that there is no arduino connected to the system. I've opened up an issue on GitHub to deal with this. Hopefully some testing this week will let us solve this!

  • Hi Andres,
    I've implemented new code that I believe will solve this issue. Right now the code lives here

    If you can download the repository again using the above link and test the user interface again, that would be great! I already tested in my system, but it would be nice to learn how it behaves when someone else is using it.

  • Hi,
    I´ve tested it and works fine! thanks for your help

  • Great!
    Send us some of the images you collect with it if you can! :smile:

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