Adapting the FlyPi for your Optogenetic systems

One of the questions people have been asking is whether the FlyPi will work for the specific optogenetic system they are using on their labs.
In this thread you'll find tips and descriptions on how to adapt it for your application!

Things to keep in mind when trying to use the FlyPi for optogenetics:

1 - The protein being expressed in my system. What is the optimal light wavelength for activation of the protein, how widely expressed the protein is (all neurons or cells in a tissue, only one cell line, highly expressed X low expression).

2 - How easy it is for light to reach the tissue I'm trying to stimulate (cortical surface, skin? or tissues deeper within structures?)

3 - Changing the LEDs in the FlyPi is relatively straight forward, so it is a matter of choosing the right one. Users should consider the following: What is the light spectrum emitted by the LED. What is the operating voltage (currently the FlyPi can work with LEDs that operate with 5V and below) and what is the current drawn by it (currently this should not go above 1A).
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