AoN Brainhack Warsaw

Hey guys --- welcome to the forums!

Find here any links or information that stems from this workshop; as well as some photos!

We enjoyed working with all of you, and we would really appreciate it if you would keep in touch with us through your use of your new FlyPis.
Anything you do, comments you have, or any ideas you can offer for the future would fit in this topic perfectly.

Until next time...
Eric and André


  • Hi Everyone,

    First, thanks again for taking part in our workshop! It was really a pleasure being able to work with you in these intense 48 hours.

    Second, as promised, here are the links to online repositories/papers and Forums related to open source hardware for science:

    Plos Channel
    Open Neuroscience
    Open Plant Science
    Journal of open Hardware

    Last but not least here is the link to the FlyPi repository:
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