Resistors to PCB

Hi guys

I am in doubt about the values for resistors in PCB. I have ordered my PCB from PCBway, but it come without the values for the components. For Example, in the FlyPi Manual, there is a picture showing that the resistors at position R5 should be 150 Ohm, but in the BOM there is no such value of resistor, but rather we have a resistor of 10 Ohm and another one Resistor(High power)11W 12Ohm, but I could not find were should I add them on PCB. Any Help?

maybe a list of resistors
R3=270 Ohm
R10= 1K Ohm
R2=270 Ohm
R3=270 Ohm
R5= ?? Ohm (on PCB from manual is listed as 150 Ohm, but is not such resistor listed in BoM)
R7=220 Ohm
R8=220 Ohm
R9=220 Ohm

So the question is:



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